The Shichi Fukujin of Noragami

Noragami is a popular anime based on gods and centers around the struggles of the lesser known god named Yato (夜卜). In the series, we know that Yato's real name is Yaboku, and that his name was misread by one of his old shinki (神器). Yato's name means Night (夜) Divination (卜). Although this is the … Continue reading The Shichi Fukujin of Noragami


Cells At Work!: WHAT’S INSIDE ME?!

Hello! I know it's been half a year since I posted. I had been badly distracted and ended up neglecting this blog. I am also picky with the shows that I watch now (sadly). I guess the day that I had always feared have arrived (even long ago I guess and I was just in … Continue reading Cells At Work!: WHAT’S INSIDE ME?!